Professional Cleanup And Restoration Services Provided By Hands On Restoration

Here at Hands On Restoration, we offer emergency cleaning and restoration services throughout the New York area, including in Manhattan. Our experts are available at any time of the day or night, even on holidays. When emergencies occur, we will guide you through all of the necessary steps required to restore your property to like-new condition again. If you have a cleanup or restoration situation that requires our help, reach out to us today by submitting our online form or calling us on the phone. We will respond right away.

Our Restoration Services

Water Damage And Flood Damage

Anytime you spot signs of water damage, quick action is essential. When water enters your home, it can pose a danger to you and your family. Along with increasing the likelihood of electrical accidents, your home and your belongings may sustain damage that is expensive to repair. Excess moisture can lead to mold growth, further increasing the risk to your family while at the same time adding to the cost of repairs.

Our experienced team can assess and restore any parts of your property that have been damaged by water. We employ high-tech tools and cutting-edge technology when dealing with flood or water damage.

Fire, Smoke, Or Soot Damage

Losing precious belongings in a fire can be devastating.

Even small fires can result in significant damage. When a fire occurs, it leaves behind residue that needs to be cleaned up. Any contaminated areas need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any smoke or soot. The property also needs to be deodorized using special organic deodorizers. We offer all of these services to our clients.

Damage Related To Vandalism Or Break-Ins

Nothing is quite as upsetting as having your personal space violated by an act of vandalism or by a break-in. When events like these occur, the best course of action is usually to hire someone to clean up the mess for you so that you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

By leaving the vandalism cleanup work to someone else, you can return to your normal life. We can handle both residential and commercial vandalism or break-ins. Our experts can clean up any messes and can repair damaged areas, restoring your property to its original condition again. Whether you are dealing with graffiti, broken windows, or more significant damage, we have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to handle the cleanup process with ease.

Emergency Board-Up Services And Temporary Repairs

When disasters strike, extreme weather may pose a serious risk to your property. With our help, the windows, doors, roof, and siding can all be properly secured.

Our team at Hands On Restoration has experience responding to disasters. With the help of our tools, equipment, and expertise, we can ensure that any weak points on the exterior of your property are fully secured, providing much-needed protection so that your building can weather the storm.

Asbestos Abatement And Removal

Asbestos was commonly used in building materials from the 1940s through the 1970s. The reasoning behind adding asbestos to these products was to make them more fire-resistant, to improve their strength, and to increase their insulating properties. It wasn’t until these products had been in use for many years that the health dangers of asbestos were discovered. If you have a building that was constructed before 1986, you may need to remove lead paint or building materials that contain asbestos.

Our technicians are licensed to handle asbestos removal. Our team will manage the problem in a way that meets all of the legal requirements of the city, state, and federal government.

Mold Remediation And Removal

Mold can pose a health risk if it begins growing inside your home or business. Issues like these need to be handled the right way to keep the mold from coming back. Thanks to our expertise, we can safely and effectively remove mold from your property, treating the area so that it doesn’t return.

At Hands On Restoration, we have all of the necessary tools and equipment to not only treat existing mold problems but to keep them from coming back again in the future.

Insurance Claims Consulting And Estimates

When damage occurs, it is important to contact an adjuster right away so that the damage to your building can be thoroughly evaluated. This increases the likelihood that all of the repair costs will be covered by your insurance provider.

When filing an insurance claim, having an estimate can make a big difference. That is why so many homeowners, contractors, business owners, attorneys, and other individuals prepare estimates before filing their claims. Our experts can thoroughly evaluate the damage, providing an in-depth estimate that covers the cost of all of the repairs. This estimate will include photographs and sketches of the damage to document its severity.

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Residential And Commercial Reconstruction Services

At Hands On Restoration, our team is fully equipped to deal with almost any type of damage repair, cleanup, or restoration.

This includes rebuilding structures that are severely damaged. Our goal is to save as much of your property and your belongings as possible.

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We Are Here For You

If you have a cleanup or restoration project, contact Hands On Restoration for quick, professional results. We work with homeowners, business owners, real estate providers, property managers, and other individuals. If you are filing an insurance claim, we can also work directly with your insurance adjuster.

Areas That We Serve

Hands On Restoration serves the entire New York Metro area and Long Island. This includes Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. From Harlem to the Hamptons, our experienced team can help you with all of your cleanup and restoration needs.