Top 2 Flood Damage Mistakes To Avoid

Testing water levelsA flood is an emergency that can cause serious damage to your home. Floods often occur from broken pipes or other plumbing malfunctions. A broken pipe can leak thousands of gallons of water and this can cause damage to homes. You have to act fast when your home has flooded before more damage happens. Read on to learn the 2 most common mistakes people make when their home has experienced a flood.

Mistake Number One: Delaying Getting Help

Whether you are dealing with a flood in your home or at a business, it is crucial that you act quickly. Permanent damage can occur after 48 hours, so you need to act fast. Get help right away to reduce the amount of damage to your property.

Bacteria will start to grow in 12 to 24 hours in standing water and on surfaces that are porous or soaked in water. The damage to your belongings will become irreversible at this time and you will need to replace them. If you wait another day mold will start to form on damp surfaces. Mold is a huge threat to your property because it spreads fast. Mold also causes allergies and is dangerous to your health. Acting fast will save you money.

The damage becomes worse the longer that the water sits in the property. You have 48 hours to have the water extracted from your home. Your home will also need to be dried and dehumidified. Special equipment and trained water cleanup technicians are needed to dry out the home. A flood doesn’t have to be large to cause damage either. Small leaks from dishwashers or washing machines can cause permanent damage to floors and belongings.

Mistake Number Two: Having The Wrong Tools And Lack Of Experience

Trying to clean up flooding on your own isn’t the best idea because you are not going to have the right tools to get the job done. Mops, brooms, and towels are not going to be enough and can even make the problem worse. Property owners end up just pushing the water around into other areas and this can make mold start to grow. This can also spread bacteria and cause water damage to other areas in the property. Many people who attempt to clean up water damage on their own try to use towels to soak up the water and just wring them out into the sink. This method can work on hard surfaces if the leak is not too large, but it is terrible for water that is on carpet since it just pushes water into the carpet pad.

To address flooding in your home call a professional water damage restoration service. They have the specialized equipment that is needed to extract water from every type of surface. They will also know what items are going to need to be disinfected.

Hands On Restoration has water pumps, wet vacs, drying fans, dehumidifiers and all of the tools that are required to restore your home and save you money.

When you need a fast and affordable water damage clean up service in the New York/Long Island area contact Hands On Restoration today. Our estimates are free and we offer emergency services 7 days a week!

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