How Can Plumbing Problems Lead to Water Damage in Your Home?

If you have a plumbing problem you need to quickly handle the situation or it will only get much worse. Unfortunately, plumbing fixtures can cause some serious water damage in the home. Water from the pipes can spread out throughout various rooms in the home causing damage to the floors, walls, and any belongings you have inside of those rooms.

A leaking faucet might not seem like a huge deal. However, If you ignore the problem the leak can end up getting much worse. Your water bills will start to increase because the water in the home is regularly wasted. As water continues to leak from the faucet it can eventually drip down to the floor and get on other surfaces causing mold to grow and damage to develop. It can take some time for the damage to become visible but it will often appear when a leaking faucet goes undetected or unfixed for a while.

Plumbing Emergencies Can Lead To Water Damage

Burst pipes can happen inside a home causing some extensive damage to a home. The cause of burst pipes varies and may include water pressure that is simply too high, pipes that are frozen, or pipes that were severely damaged and never replaced. Once the pipe bursts water will start pouring from it. The water will soak the floor, causing damage to the tiles, hardwood, or carpet. If it sits for too long, it can even cause damage to the drywall while causing mold to quickly start growing.

Aside from leaking faucets and burst pipes water damage can occur when something is overflowing, such as the toilet, bathtub, or even the sink. If your drains are clogged your tub or sink may start overflowing while you are running water. If your toilet is backed up, it may begin to overflow making it impossible for you to use the toilet when you need to do so.

Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with plumbing fixtures inside the home, water damage can occur. Standing water can cause damage to floors, walls, and furniture. If you have chairs, tables, or even electronics on the floor, they can become destroyed because of all the water that is flowing from the pipes, drains, or toilet.

If you have damage to your home because of a plumbing issue, you need help from a water damage restoration company, like Hands On Restoration. Our company can assist you with extracting the water and restoring different parts of the home that were impacted by the plumbing problem.

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