A key step to getting your insurance company to cover the entire cost of your loss is to promptly have an adjuster come and assess the extent of the damages.

In the aftermath of a devastating experience, the last thing you need is the added-on stress of navigating your losses with the adjuster, especially as insurance companies are notoriously tricky to tread.  With certain losses covered (such as pipe breaks, blown-off roofs, extinguished fires, sudden machine overflows) and others not (leaky faucets, water heater issues, pipe joint problems, leaking foundations), it’s vital to understand exactly what you’re dealing with.

Experts in Insurance Claims Estimations And Consulting

Hands On Restoration has the language and experience to be your go-between with your insurance company. We step in immediately, on your behalf, armed with supplementary documents that can get your insurance company to maximize that for which you are entitled. We’re there for you, working closely with your adjuster to facilitate your claims process — from start to end.


  • Document everything — take photos of your home to provide specific proof that the damaged items are covered by the policy.
  • Make an inventory list of valuables, right down to the serial numbers of appliances in your home.
  • Save receipts! This creates a track record of maintenance work done to your property.
  • Upload everything online (photos, inventory list, receipts) so that in the event of an accident, your records remain safe and accessible.